Bounty Book Improvements

I know that the bounty book keeps track of the number of kills you get of that mob, so why would you not show the amount after the threshold for rewards has been claimed?

I believe it should show the kills so people can brag about their kills, complain about never getting the item after x amount of kills, just more to talk about. And if this was a feature then we would be able to tell if someone was exaggerating about getting 1000 x kills.

Secondly, Bounty Book Daily’s, every day it’ll pick a random enemy from the bounty book and tell you to get x amount of kills for a reward similar to what they can drop multiplied by the amount required to complete. This way people with Bounty Book can find something to do daily rather then just grind a single boss non stop.

Thirdly, Add all bandit enemies and minibosses to the bounty book, it just annoys me and I’m sure others who have this, cuz we never get to see loot pool and stats, sure we can just assume what it is but seeing that ui is satisfying! On top of this remove the whale boss from the bounty books of those who have not unlocked it, I’d rather see enemies we can and have killed then enemies we’ll never fight ever!

another thing to inprove is to make it free

well… it wouldn’t be fair for the people who brought it for 299&399 R$ if it became free

why not give them a conpesation of 1g?
if it was removed

I don’t think 1g would satisfy players that brought the bounty book

maybe…. 2g?

Giving the bounty book to everyone made the economy inflate a lot with everyone being able to snag 1g off of just killing moglos and moglokos, it wouldn’t be a good idea to make it public.

but the economy dosent affect the game NOR it dosent give robux to the devs

Either way, I doubt the devs are going to make the gamepass free out of the blue

What they could do is make it free, but only those who paid for the game pass can access the rewards


I guess that’s a good idea

2p take it or leave it.

Make bounty book free but people who bought it get daily quests (kinda p2w but meh)

The economy does effect the game, if low levels have a decent amount of money, you can just buy the best weapons for there level. For instance, the spider weapons sell for very little because they are for levels 25-35. Yesterday I asked for a spider bow and someone just gave me one for free. You’re suppose to feel accomplished if you were to wield one of those weapons. I remember before sqr, when spider weapons were highly wanted.

actually, your right.

Lol, no prob. Like I don’t think it should be possible to go from lvl 1-49 in 10 hours but when you have the good armor/weapons it makes it that simple. Just made an assassin like that

oh k.