Bounties on wild monsters!

I’ve had this idea as a little pipe dream of mine to this game.

How about a bulletin board in Nilgarf (or more appropriately, the hunter port city) that frequently posts new hunts of extremely strong monsters to track down and hunt as a party. Maybe add a riddle in the request as to the location of the beast to promote exploration, navigation and language skills? (or how well you can read the wiki) Thoughts on my idea lads?

This sounds great! But it can be abused by new players if they get carried by a bunch of lvl 30s. Maybe a level requirement?

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Good idea man!! I like the idea bro

Not only that, but a prototype for this would be fairly easy to make; instead of making whole new creatures, just a slap an entity name on a regular one and boost their stats.


I love this idea. Bounty hunting could be an extra activity, like fishing, and you could gain titles from it.

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Ohh lord, I do love my titles xD

I love the idea, but I think they should be more exotic if we’re going to hunt it. Give it a more rare theme, but the idea is great nonetheless bro!!

So It Would Be An Even Stronger Giant? But Obviously Not As Large Since That Would Get Insane For Elder Shrooms.

No. Like in pokemon, you have shiny versions of each pokemon, which makes them exotic, you could make a unique version of a mob or a totally different mob for a bounty.

that sounds like fun

Yeah, so instead of a red and white elder shroom, its a green and yellow elder shroom. (if you didn’t know what a shiny was)


Good Idea

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HAHHAA, now that you say it. Ye