Bossfight, Story Mode, Free play mode (Sandbox) [First and Third person?]

I was thinking about bossfight, story mode, and sandbox.
Thinking they would be cool for Vesteria. It might be cool and fun.
Oh yeah, Zoom in and Zoom out like First person and Third person.
I guess?

The closer you get to new areas you find “fusion enemies” lying around. They’re grotesque abominations of the enemies from your current area to the enemies in the next. Should be stronger than the enemies from the current area but weaker than the next. Like maybe if you had a spider area and a shroom area. It would be called a “Shrooder”, have the same colours as the spider, and have as many eyes as it, but still keep the definite shape of the mushroom so you can tell that it’s a fusion

We definitely intend on having boss fights and mini-bosses in Vesteria, but they’ll come much later into development.

as polymorphic as well as berezaa said bosses will be a thing. As far as story line goes, thats kinda what quests are, my guess is that quests will get more elaborate as the game develops. Lastly sandbox mode seems counter intuitive because the game is about collecting exploring and advancing your character. It would be pretty boring if everything was handed to you. :confused:

Closing this thread. In the future, please only request one feature per thread.