Bosses Dropping Skills?

What if bosses or possibly enemies in general dropped a skill, possible in the form of a scroll, that when right clicked unlocks in your book, so like a mushroom one would give you a poison cloud attack? And a crab could be a slash or something, just to get away from only having items drop, or maybe equipment that has a skill, like you get armor that when you click said button does something like repel attacks, in skyrim they had a dwarven steam helmet that gave you a shout, maybe have armor that absorbs attacks and repels or something, just tossing out ideas

A Problem I Can See Is That End-Game People Or Lucky People Will Just Get Many Skills. This May Lead To People Having Too Many To Choose From. If This Happens, The Game Will Then Most Likely Just Become People Using Around 3 Spells Only, These Which Are The Strongest.

Basically If You Add Many Skills Only A Few Will Be Used.

Well we could find ways to balance this, obviously the lower tier boss skills will be worse so you won’t use them at higher levels, and only the last say 3-5 bosses would be worthwhile at max level

EDIT: And who said they have to be overwhelmingly better than regular skills? It could be just a small bit better than your skills around that boss skills level

i do like the idea but pls look in the scroll making form you will see your idea has bin sad before.

What you said wasn’t like mine, you’re talking about weapon enchants but with the name boss scrolls, but thanks for telling me this should go in that section, i havn’t read it since there were like 2 comments so i didn’t know people were talking about those new types of scrolls

np and sorry for misunderstanding.

TL;DR: Boss dropped skills would unbalance the game, and draw attention away from the game’s core mechanics.

Anyways: here is the wall of text, this is what I think based off of what I know about this kind of thing.

First off, this game seems inspired from the game Maplestory, if you haven’t heard of it you should check it out, you can get it free on steam, but that would be vastly different from what I assume they were going for, and that would be unbalanced as well, because the game relies on grinding to level up and unlock skills, instead of sitting and waiting for a boss to appear, so that you can get another shot at that skill you want, as that would drift the focus away from the core gameplay mechanics. Even if the skill was a guaranteed drop, it would still be yet another thing to cram in your hotbar. If it was a scroll, even though that would be highly unlikely, that would take another upgrade slot on your weapon, which would better be used as an incremental improvement to slightly upgrade your weapon. When you switch your weapon for a better one, you would lose that scroll effect, which would mean going back to that same boss, and nobody wants to do that. You also risk the player not giving up their weapon, which could get that player “stuck” in an area, as they would not be powerful enough to get kills, but because they can’t get kills, they cant level up to get more powerful, creating a feedback loop which could make the player abandon the game, which would be no good for the devs. That’s my opinion on this. I think the game should stay away from this kind of boss drop ability, and stick to the MMORPG tradition of grinding weaker enemies to get stronger, not waiting for boss spawns. If i missed anything, don’t hesitate to correct me, I don’t mind.

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A lot of what you said is entirely true, we could find ways to balance it, but something you missed is when i mentioned the scroll i didn’t mean for your weapon, i mean just right click and it appear in your book in the “K” menu (skills, K is my keybind) so half of your reply was useless, but no by the way i havn’t played maplestory, i’ve heard of it and seen a bit of the new one but i havn’t actually played. When you mentioned the waiting around thing, are you saying that bosses will just have a spawn timer and you can farm them? That sounds pretty dumb to me, i hope they have big dungeons that enemies don’t respawn in (like shard) and at the end is a boss that you can only kill once before re-doing the dungeon, possibly having a boss spawning item elsewhere as another topic mentioned so it’s easier to farm items. And we’ll probably stop using the lower level skills at higher levels so our hotbar won’t be too crowded, right?

Also i looked back and noticed i spelled haven’t wrong every time, that was a me thing i’ve always spelled it wrong apparently, don’t feel like fixing all of them

Maybe 5-6 skills can lead to a more diverse economy requiring people to buy items from others for higher tier items from another. A single character can only get high level in 2-3 skills, though this might lead to regrets and just bad decisions with some skills inevitably ending up as worse and a newer player choosing it without knowing.

There’s always stat rerolling

  1. I agree with your idea.
  2. What Nofearon said made no sense, of course there would be skills to choose from, do you see how small our menu bar is, regardless if this idea was added or not, we would still have to choose a proper load-out, that’s part of every MMORPG.
  3. I agree with Andrew, but, even if they were overwhelmingly powerful, it would still motivate players to farm for it, as this game is supposed to encourage hardcore MMORPG players.
  4. I’ve noticed that people only have negative feedback for ideas. Think of ways to improve upon ideas instead of listing mistakes, and limiting yourselves to those standards. This is supposed to be a discussion after all, not an argument.
  5. I came up with the idea of weapon stats and armor effects already here:
    Legendary Weapons and Armor Effects!? Socketing!?

Yeah, people say “Nope, too unbalanced, would never work” I"m always the guy who has to say “How about we try this instead…” they usually agree too, which really annoys me because i just disproved them, but they still act negative on every idea (not talking about nofearon, this is just one case)

Could You Explain How My Idea Made No Sense?

What your idea implies is that adding skill drops from bosses would limit people’s decisions to favor the drops that they get from those mobs, and if not that, then make it more difficult for the players to chose a move set.

Seeing that the game was originally planning to add more skills in the first place, even without the addition of boss skill drops, we would still have to choose skills to put in our menu bar (the white bar at the bottom of your screen) because there are limited spaces.

It would not necessarily “cram your hot bar” like meow said because there are sub-classes. That being said, there would only be a limited amount of moves for each division.
For instance, if you are a hunter, you have the moves for all your sub-classes, but if you want to play the role of an assassin, you have to equip an assassin move set.

This is why I said you argument made no sense, because regardless, you would have to decide which moves to have in your menu bar, so having this idea implemented into the game wouldn’t be bad, it would just give us more to choose from.

Deciding Which Skills Go Into Your Hotbar Technically Means You Have “Too” Many Skills, So You Have To Pick Some That Go With The Build You Want. This May Just Make Some Skills Useless, Due To Either Lack Of Damage Or Support.

There is no such thing as “too many skills” in an MMORPG, you are supposed to have the option to alternate between the skills you have based off of the gear set you have and the dungeon you are doing.

So no skill would be useless, you would just have a specific time and place to use each one of them. You not knowing this shows me that you are not very familiar with MMORPGs, I suggest you watch an anime called Log Horizon, its a very fun anime and it will give you very good insight as to how MMORPG’s function.

I’ve Already Watched It, Though When I Say “Useless”, I Don’t Really Mean It. Just Used Less As You Just Said They Have Specific Times, Which May Happen Very Infrequently.

That is not actually true, and here’s why.
In almost every MMORPG, all the people want to play the role of dealing damage, that being said, if you need to change roles in the middle of a dungeon to heal your team mates, then what you refer to as “useless skills” would actually be useful very often.

I Mean Ones That Are Just Worst Than Others, Such As You Can Have Two Similar Skills, One That Just Gives A Larger Buff.

  1. Why would devs ever add 2 of the same skills in the game
  2. No one ever said anything about adding 2 of the same skills.
  3. Even if you had 2 of the same skills, and one gave a larger buff, you probably needed the weaker buff for a lower level.
  4. Really? How many excuses are you going to come up with?