Boom, freeze, and fire arrows!

I just thought of this. Constructive criticism allowed :slight_smile:

Boom boom arrows. Not exploding arrows. Arrows exploding arrows!

When you shoot the arrow (depending on your dex) It will shoot 3 arrows in short range.

Freezing arrow. Doesn’t work with Spider leg bow that is level 5 or more. Freezes the enemy you shoot at. if shot in a group, only effects one. Doesn’t work in pvp.

Fire arrows. You have flaming arrows. Whats more to love? Does more damage to spiders.

Weakness and Effects

Boom boom arrow - If shot at a golem. does half damage. If shot on any shrooms will bounce off (if posible) Doesn’t work with - Scarecrow, Scrab, and friendly entities.

In detail, boom boom arrow shoots in a random 5 - 30 radius depending on dex. (dont know if thats alot)

Freeze arrows

Doesn’t work on ice enemies. Thats it
1/2+ damage on water enemies.
x2 on fire enemies.

When shot where no enemies are, the ground freezes for 2 seconds and becomes slideable.
When shot at a single enemy, will be frozen in place for 2 seconds and increases with INT.
If the bow is level 10+ the enemy will become slower after being frozen. Doesn’t work on bosses.

Fire arrow
X2 damage on ice and grass enemies.
No damage on water enemies.

When shot in a group only 1-2 enemies will be lit on fire. Does 6 damage per 1.5 seconds. Lasts for 6 seconds.Doesn’t Upgrade

Boom Boom arrow. can be found in enchanted forest shop for 2.5 silver each arrow.

Freeze arrow. Only found by Defeating Yeti.

Fire arrows. Only found by Defeating Scrab.

TLDR: cool arrow obtained by defeating bosses and buying very cool yes

Everybody gangsta until someone finds a way to shoot all 3 arrows at once becoming the ultimate ranger

XD nice one Lord_Kyian

This would be agreed upon if dex bow bonuses didnt make bows super OP.

Imagine doubling your DPS for a few points of dex.


yeyy thankk

Thanks for bringing this to me. and i didnt think about it. Again. thanks ;)*

more ranger buff D:

The avatar in Vesteria confirmed?

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