Blistergrass staff and sun blade set at incorrect level

Blistergrass staff and sun blade are leveled incorrectly at level 40, meanwhile their hunter and knight equivalents, shattersun dirk and tuthaffa’s buckler are level 45 and have the stats to show for it.

Adjust these weapons to the same level as they are intended to be.

Blistergrass is a drop, sun blade is a general warrior weapon. I agree that the Hunters have some SERIOUS power gaps (the first few bows are super far apart, Wooden (10) then Spooder (25), then Tuaa (35), then 40 at a min.
Knights are actually kinda OP, though, taking next to nothing from a hit even from a scarab. Couple this with using the Warrior faction’s offensive skills, they’ve got enough HP and such from subclass that they’re pretty much unstoppable. Shield Rush is the BANE of hunters, who rely primarily on dodging, as it slows them hugely and practically eliminates jump (even double jumping doesn’t help).

Blistergrass is NOT a drop. It is obtained from the sunshard questline, and so is the sunblade. That is why they are equivalents to the dirk and buckler. You can pick sunblade, blistergrass, dirk, or buckler as the quest completion reward.

Oh, they are?
Most of the stuff from that quest isn’t very good, the dirk and buckler are though. Don’t forget, you also get Portable Water from it…

Also, there are other level 45 weapons for those classes. Knights get the shield because they need something better than Tuaa/Steel.

All 4 of those are weapons with high-end perks. Considering that they all have different NPC sell values as well, there’s basically no reason for half of the rewards to be weaker than eachother. Make them all level 45, or make them all level 42. Case closed.

BUT … there are more high-end staves and swords than there are bows, daggers, and shields. So this is where it is balanced.

I’m not opposed to outright just having a new level 40 staff created once blistergrass is changed to level 45, where it is intended to be. If it was a reused asset (IE: A topaz staff that has an orange gem) then it would be fine.
Vesteria has so many cool assets in terms of low tier weapons, and they could be re-used for new high level weapons.

Level 45 has Chitin Scythe and Astrologist’s Staff, I think Blistergrass is just meant to fill a gap (notice how there is no level 42 staff). Sun-scorched costs a lot of beetles (relatively), Blistergrass is just filler.

Sun-scorched is level 42, and so is the stingtail staff. For the sake of consistency, blistergrass and sunblade need to be converted to level 45 like the rest of the sun tablet weapons.

Uhh, consistency? Have you even LOOKED at the levelling of the Warrior shop stuff compared to the levelling of the Hunter and Mage shop stuff? Warriors get level 28 gear and Hunters and Mages have nothing comparatively.

Marauder armor. Lunar robes.