Bit pricy isn't it?

The game is 800 R$, isn’t that a little high? (won’t really to able play until Feburary cause of that haha)

The 800 R$ is near equivalent to $10 in real life. For an MMORPG, $10 isn’t so bad. Considering the lack of micro-transactions in the game, the game price is how the developers actually make their money. I think it’s a good price for a good game.

They need to earn something off this games
and this is probably the most they will get if they don’t have micro transactions in the game

£9 here haha

Thanks for being civil, was afraid someone was gonna be like “hAhA ur just 2 p0oR”

I’ll still buy it but I just thought it’s a bit pricey.

Samey here I still think it’s quite pricey but it’s a game which takes hardwork

Yeah that’s true, do you have the game? What’s it like cause I thought the demo was a little too laggy and idk if I should buy yet.

Yesh I do have the game
The game is (currently)< it will be improved
Just doing quest and killing monsters but the game looks very nice and has a very cartoony mystical feel; I think the lagging your facing is probably roblox but all in all the game is just mostly killing monsters, getting new and upgrading equipment and exploring different area c: if you are interested in that you should buy it

Ye I am interested, I just hope the game doesn’t die in the near future as I don’t wanna waste £9 >.<

Thanks for telling me

It shouldn’t die since they have a lot of Developers and updates every week + a lot of people brought the game :smile:

Alright, ill buy it when I finally have enough, am broke boi

Alright just paid for it now, thought I’d have to pay at feburary, thanks for the information :slight_smile:

Np~ hope you enjoy

since everybody is so nice on these forums I have to be that one jerk so umm…

hahaha you don’t have money, lol ur poor.

but on a serious note, the game is totally worth 800 robux and I couldn’t recommend it enough
sure the price is high VERY high but it’s represented in quality of the game and DAM the game is quality

I’m contemplating on buying it on my Alt account just so I can have it hold my items.

I already bought the game haha, enjoying it so far lol