Bin for my ideas

Idea 1: Element-based enemies.

2: Super-sub-classes. Something you can earn by doing a specific thing. Mainly get into low HP in a fight as a class.

3: Ω Skills. Something you get from going a specific route. Such as… Hour Rush: A skill for Mages that make them call twelve blades, and send them off towards the enemy. As it lands, it bursts, dealing heavy damage.

Yes, they are OP, but that’s the point. They’re end-game skills meant to ease getting through the final few fights.

4: Trainers. People who will aid you in your road to level 30 for a price. They basically say: Hey, pay me this many Mushcoins for an EXP boost. (Needs to be expensive to not make it spammable.)

5: And much more to be added! Let me know what I could post about soon. :smiley:

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