Big Changes to the XP Curve. Don't Panic!

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed logging into Vesteria after the update that the amount of XP you need to level up has gone up a lot. I’m here to explain what has happened, why we did it, and what we’re going to do to help the players affected the most.

Essentially we increased the amount of XP needed to level up quite a bit, but we also increased the amount of XP monsters give you even more. However, we added something that drastically decreases XP gained when fighting monsters that are way lower level than you, and something that increases XP for fighting enemies higher level than you.

Here’s how you will be affected by this update:

Lvl’s 1-17: you are pretty much unaffected by this XP curve, except for that you may have initially lost a lot of XP when the update launched. You didn’t actually lose any XP, the amount required just went up. However, the amount of time it takes to level up by killing enemies in your range has mostly remained the same. In fact, it is slightly faster to level now!

Lvl’s 18+: It will probably take significantly longer for you to level now. We understand this is unfair, especially as some players have already made it to a much higher level, and we apologize that we don’t have to content to support you yet. Adding higher level monsters to the game is maximum priority, and we have something insanely fun planned for you guys.

Our plans going forward:

Something big is coming. We want to be the first RPG to offer a party raid-style boss dungeon. We’re working on creating something awesome. We’re calling it… Project: Mushroom King.

This dungeon will be a party-quest style raid that will be the primary source of XP for players levels 20+. We will also add more enemies. In the mean time, we seriously appreciate your patience and hope you won’t be too upset by the changes we’ve made.

The XP curve that we had at initial launch was unreasonable for an RPG. It incentivised killing low-level enemies and it gave us very little flexibility. We’re sorry that we weren’t able to realize this in advance, but I think Vesteria is going to be a better game moving forward because of it.

Thanks everyone, and looking forward to future updates. We only had two days on this one… the next one will be even cooler :wink:

If you have any questions please comment them or post in #general-discussion. We will try to answer all of them. Thanks again!


Now the Enchanted Forest is gonna be super crowded with high levels and I will get tons of stolen kills. Is it possible for there to be smaller servers?


We plan to add goblins to Enchanted forest asap, which will alleviate some of the stress on Spiders. If spider spawning is a big issue, we will consider a hotfix tomorrow to fix it.


Also now i lost 1 hour of grinding knowing that exp was gonna change like this shouldn’t you have taken in to consideration the amount of exp people currently have and converting it on to the system as i lost 1 hour of grinding i was only 100 exp away from lvl 17 not im 1/17 away from lvl 17 this is stupid :frowning:!

Now I feel lucky and bad for being level 15…

oh god, this is going to be hard.

Ya it was so bad having to farm a single spider with about 7 other people rushing to kill it first and now all that hard work is gone as my exp was pretty much wiped!

omg this means more grinding so I can get higher than lvl 20

We’ve learned a lot from this update, and in the future we’ll make sure to maintain the percentage you were to leveling up if we ever touch the XP curve again.


yes please, even though this change didn’t affect me much XD

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Dang, I knew I should have grinded to 30 when I had the chance!

Well, I can’t wait for this raid boss. I know who I want on my team;
Yuji, Nofearon, Avoiided, Phoenix, and Meta.

If there’s anyone I didn’t mention, I just ran this from the top of my head.


im not in the team

Don’t worry, you’re pretty much the next on that list, It’s just parties are 5-6 people and I tried to think of who likes what class.

Is it really coming this weekend?

The raid? I don’t think so. It’ll probably take longer for them to make a raid instance.

i can’t wait for this update!

Can I have the formula for the current EXP curve?