[BH] Bounty Hunter Family

We are Bounty Hunter. Bounty hunters receive bounties for rewards. We are loyal, do teamwork, have fun, and get bounty. We have a Tier 4 Guild Hall as well, so are you interested in joining us?
Haha, don’t worry. We are looking for new members of Bounty Hunter but you must be loyal and active!

(This is our logo guild by Dr_Faizstrages)

If you interested, join us!
DM me, MerLorD#1570!
Or join our group Discord:

What does Bounty Hunter have?
  1. Great and Risk
  • I will gift free Cursed Atk or Def Scrolls but I must curse your weapon/armor! So prepare the toilet paper if it explodes! SHOW ME HOW BRAVE YOU ARE!

  1. Daily Giveaways
  • Everyday we do giveaways!!

  1. Peam’s Tender
  • We have a bartender that sells cheap premium items! But only for those who reach the minimum can enter Peam’s Tender!

peams tender

  1. Payday
  • Every Sunday, we pay our guild members with 1 stack of Bananas, 1 stack of Pearls, and 50s.

And we are open for alliance, too!! If you want to be an alliance, DM me (only DMs to the guild leader will be accepted).
thx for metapoly for edit i luv you

“I’ve come to collect some bounty, and they’ll will tell tales of this For the right price…” - Bounty Hunter Family