Beware the unholy scammer

So, as we know, many scammers exist/existed in vesteria, wether it be robux scams, or item scams. A player named Samikettu has recently scammed my friend for over 20g. If you ever try to trade the player samikettu please be sure that the scrolls he trades you aren’t ark if you ask for dex. DO NOT MASS BUY SCROLLS FROM HIM. ESPIECALLY ANCIENTS. D O N O T. yes, he knew exactly what he was doing. Please be careful when trading.

How about actually using Vesteria’s trade system? Because there’s no issue at all to do with scamming if you just use the 8 allotted item slots as well as the money slot.

There isn’t any, your friend losing 20G was entirely avoidable.

Ok, but I’m just saying this to make people aware that they should be careful when trading.

He made this so we could learn from other people’s mistakes



To clarify, seems like the issue here isn’t that this was a drop trade, rather instead that some player said they were giving Ancient DEX when they actually put in Ancient ATK.

Still, the simple solution is to just double check items placed in the trade to make sure they’re actually what you want.

Well, this is just a reminder that scummy people exist and the playerbase isn’t 100% good

That name rings a bell. I used to know the guy, I’m still friended with him on Roblox. We used to play a lot of Roblox games together, never knew he would do such a thing anyway. But I’ll certainly be more cautious.

That’s good. Only reason I created the post was not to spread hate towards him just to make people more cautious