Better Potion Nerf

I’m glad that there has been a nerf to prevent potion spamming but I feel like it could be worked upon to make it better. So far, the potion system works like this: You take some time to consume the item and then it heals in increments, similar to the regeneration spell. In my opinion, this makes the game extremely harder as you have to wait to consume items which can be accidentally canceled by clicking or sprinting.

My idea to improve on this would be to change the order of how it works. Instead of having to wait for the heal, it would heal in increments immediately. There would still be a cooldown to consume the item, but it would be healing you as you are using the consumable. For example, you drink an orange potion and it heals 300 hp within 5 seconds as soon as you drink it, which is a good 60hp/second. If this seems too similar to the old version, perhaps consider a penalty like waiting 3 seconds after to consume another item. For items like the STR potions and runes, the current system would work fine for them. Feel free to tell me your thoughts about this idea, like improvements or concerns, and please vote in the poll below.

  • I like this idea, the potion nerf is too harsh.
  • This idea is bad, the nerf is fine.
  • I don’t like the nerf, but this isn’t what I was thinking.

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I think it should be you can drink them with no delay but if you drink more than x number of them in x amount of time you cant drink them anymore, because you can drink tons of waterbottles quickly but you cant chug water bottles for 10 minutes straight

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or they just allow you to sprint and hit while drinking :thinking:

yeah cuz you can run and drink stuff at the same time irl

uhm yea ? you can ? xd
runners also drink from a water bottle while running

I feel like if someone tackled me as I was drinking water I would stop. Running while drinking is hard, but manageable. Maybe add something where either consuming an item while sprinting makes you walk or sprinting while consuming makes it take a tad bit longer.

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maybe also something could let you drink faster/ more

or maybe getting hit while drinking cancels the consuming potion process ???

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also clicking with a potion will just pause the drinking process

I think it’s better to allow sprinting and hitting while drinking, but if you get hit it cancels. Also while in midair cancels too.

would be cool if they added abilities that do not require drinking, for an example a healing spell or a mana spell for AoE

this wouldn’t fix instant-healing and seriously devalue potions

  • double jumping away while using potions
  • getting hit will cancel the potion, making orange potions hard to manage and get value from
  • logically this has to consume a potion on click, coinciding with 2

honestly, if you drink a potion and get hit the animation should cancel.

On a related note to this topic, I feel like potions stack sizes are way too small now, as well. Even when they were stacks of 99, I struggled to keep my inventory and bank clear enough to get them. Now, I have to pretty much sell any potions I get without being able to think about using them.