Beta 2.0: Off-hand fishing rod = more damage bug

alright so you know how the beta 2.0 update made offhand slots?

heh, well someone told me and made me realize that fishing rods in the offhand actually increase damage :sunglasses:

Here is me hitting a guardian with a fishing rod

Here is me hitting a guardian w/out a fishing rod

enjoy the bug while you can gamers :clown_face:

What the actual.

Oh, I see.

I think the fishing rod damage is added to your main weapon’s damage, and your Magic Damage boosts are multiplying it by a lot.

I don’t know if that’s a bug or intended feature, and also that might be why bows are dealing ridiculously high amounts of damage when combined with Spider Fang Dagger

bump :sunglasses:

bruh !! i c an’t belibe the devs did this !! OP !!

Hard month of grinding for the +19 for my fang

glitch that adds +26 to my sword in 3 seconds

enjoy while you can :wink:


Yay bug fixed! The devs don’t ignore us!

wait offhand is a thing

yes, duel a dagger with ur bow or a bow with ur dagger