Beta 1.5.1 Bugs and Glitches Compilation

Here is a compilation of buggy stuff (or just other stupidness) I have encountered while playing 1.5.1

Dyed Straw Hats Z-Fighting

Negative Attributes Appear Reversed

  • If you have a negative amount of one attribute, on the attributes menu it will show it reversed. (maybe this is intended?)

Rune Chugging

  • A player must completely suck all the essence out of a rune by drinking it completely to teleport somewhere. Basically you have to finish a drinking animation to use a rune which looks silly

Floating Chests

Tombstone Glitches

  • If you reset or die literally on an NPC they’ll start spazzing out.
  • Tombstones seem to have the same features as any other mob, which results in this happening when you hit one. Tombstones are also targeted by Rock Throw.
  • Tombstones can also be targeted by enemies.
  • Mob modifiers can be displayed on tombstones.

Sword Trails

  • The Steel Sword’s trail is miniscule compared to it’s actual mesh size. This does not happen with other swords e.g. Royal Fang.
    image image

Other Stuff

  • Upon entering Lost Corridor, the switch sound automatically plays.
  • Spider Legs still have no icon. (no one really cares though)
  • If you’re in Nilgarf Sewers on one slot, then you join, you might spawn outside the map.
  • Typing any letter after /e in chat will instantly put in a player in the server’s name that starts with the letter you typed e.g. “/e d” -> “/e danny”
  • (Friendly reminder) Granny Shumps still talks about the orb despite that the orb has been completely reduced to atoms.

Apparently you’ve never seen nor used a bronze or iron sword.

why use a sword when you can use a mace

Idk, you right