Best Way To Farm Coins

If you want to farm coins as a level 30 go to seaside path, and farm crabs. Use the crabby claws to make fish, which you can sell. You do not need fish because you don’t need anything to farm besides coins. Which would be in seaside path. Also you can buy fresh fish when Ber raises the level cap.

It would be better to just sell the claws, you double your profit if you convert but that’s only if you get a full inv of fish, so one full inv of fish is like 2 full inv of claws. Although fish seems better there are things taking up slots in your inv that the fish can’t go in, with this you can also collect scrolls if you don’t take the fish route. Just go with a full inv of crabs cause its much easier and more profitable then fish.

You know you could just clean your inventory of scrolls by using them then going back to farm crabbies for fish

But what about my potions that I need/saving for dungeons. I know this is a level 30 guide but 95% of people aren’t level 30 or choosing not to focus on getting there(me included.) So potions and stat potions will be in your inv.

Why would you save potions when you can easily get them?

Converting to fish turns every claw from 30 to 40 that adds up. And come on all you should have in your inv rlly is vials if you save them (most dont) some blue minis (for pvp) and ancient scrolls. You shouldnt run out of space.