Best Warrior Subclass as of 2/8/20?


In terms of PvE and PvP what do you guys think the best warrior subclass is? Which one do you guys play? I have a warrior slot that was intended for paladin but I don’t know anymore…

Which subclass do you guys think I should go for?
Also please include the best build for it


Knight in my opinion tanky as hell and the abilties are pretty good. But if you really wannag rind xp beserk is prolly better.

Id say beserker is the best. Though I feel the other two are more fun.

The besrk abilities need reworks badly but other than that id say they are up there.

Knight so the best, no questions asked. Do it bc the tankyness will save your life so meny times and don’t even get me started on how good shield is, join us as the under rated powerhouses of vesteria!

Knight is amazing in pvp, due to their sheer tankyness. My build for it rn is kind of messed up with the current buff, so I recommend putting either half and half str and vit, or more str than vit. In pve they are pretty good. Not as good as berserkers, espiecally against bosses, but shield bash is good against high dmging bosses, and it’s dmg is similar to ground slams. Only bad thing about shield bash is the fact that it’s hard to hit going as it goes in a straight line, why groundslam covers a whole area.

Basically, Knight is amazing in PvP, and pretty good in PvE.


here’s a good idea, play what ever you want! who cares what the meta is and whats better then the other? you are here for the experience not to be what everyone else is! choosing a subclass you want to play is more the funner then being told what to do step by step, if you just follow what everyone else say its not your play through anymore, its theirs


True true


I need to fix my stats to, rn I’m running 40 vit, 35 dex (for atk dps) and 40-50 strength, I might put some points into int so I don’t have to constantly use potions and regain mana and maybe for the smite it gives

Yeah that’s a down side of shield bash but when your up against bosses like super giant sandwurms or the impaler, the stun is so worth it, trust me (might want some int points cus bash takes up a descant amount of it)

Well, that’s why mana potions exist, also I don’t recommend that much dex, maybe 20 at max. I put in 10 just for that delicious extra stamina.


The dex is bc I need faster atk speed and bc of the faster consumable use I go through lots of mighty subs while farming

Also for greed and walk speed

Yeah I think I’m gonna do that! I don’t want to be that one knight with max vit. I think I’m gonna go Paladin.

mfw im a knight :pensive:
though im an epic knight, 20 vit and rest into str :flushed: because str gives defense and damage while vit just gives hp