Best stats for a ranger hunter (bow only)

So im a hunter (ranger) and i was wondering what are the best stats for a bow using only (sometimes dagger but not much) hunter. like do i put all into str? do i out some into dex and some into other things? im not sure what to do.

All str. You’ll get hated on but it’s usual.

Rangers need to be nerfed.

If you want pure DPS, you should go full STR.

There are some perks which I think are important that aren’t STR though.

DEX 5 adds a point of stamina.
DEX 10 adds movement and jump speed.
INT 10 makes every attack +1 mana.

If you want to use a stat reset before maxing your ranger or just want to prepare for future money sinks/purchases
INT 20 Reduces shop costs by 10.

Bow damage IS actually affected by strength, so going all strength will probably have the same dps as all dex, but because the auto attack was removes, if u dont have an auto clicker, i recommend all strength… also the perks from strength is super good for dps, while perks from dex is just mobility

thanks guys for all ur feedback ill make sure to take it into account when using my stat reset. again thanks.