Best Ranger Stats (Occasionally will use Melee) LVL 30+

I know this is asked often, but i just want to make sure.
I have heard that using ranger you should, put all stat points into STR and 1 DEX along with a Skull mask in older posts.
But what if I wanted to use melee as well?

A good stat build for rangers that only use bows is 10 INT and the rest STR. Using a hunter mask gives you the DEX you need and you’ll be set. A stat build for hunters that switch between bow and dagger a lot would be full STR and use a hunter hat. Thats just my opinion on what stat builds are good for hunters. You can always change it to you liking, like if you want faster attack speed or the DEX bonuses such as dead eye you would want more DEX.

You could always try out stat builds in the testing realm as well.

thank very much

quick question, why not use dexterity for faster attack speeds on bows rather than strength

dexterity for faster attack speed is not necessary due to ranger stance, which adds 150-240 AGL (attack speed buff)

Ranger Stance will get removed and replaced with a weakened version as a DEX ability that can be used by all classes.

oh shoot


Oof really?

Ouch. That’s gonna pretty much kill ranger…

Nice ranger nerf. All we need now is one for beserker.

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And a buff for knighta

Knight it pretty good atm. But I agree that it would nit be a bad idea to give it buff.

Oh god. I hope they at least make richocret worth it

Rip Rangers

gg rangers. time to switch to assasin

and this is what happens to my class, sigh

looks like making my ranging gear was for nothing, it was worth nothing and i basically achieved nothing. no one even remembers it so yeah, rangers dead?

its so damn sad. I Im currently level 33, and i worked so hard to becoming ranger lmao. now they just gonna ruin it