Best places to grind?

Currently a level 23 Mage and I’m hunting for some other places to grind levels. I know the Sewers is apparently the best place to grind right now, but in all honesty, I really dislike that place and I’d prefer not to go there if needed. Are there any alternate spots I can go to?

Enchanted forest spiders. Go to the huge cavern and kill em all!

Best advice: Don’t listen to me

Your second best bet is SQR, but it is kind of hard to find a party there. Or you could just play it safe and farm Royal Spiders surrounding the dungeon, which have a lot of HP but are relatively easy to kill and give 10k XP per, being an effective source of XP at your level.

Or if you are living on the edge, farm Forsaken Isle if you think you can handle level 32-35 mobs.

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