Best Paladin Build?


I want to make a paladin save. Fresh from level 10, what should I invest into?
I need:

  • Stat build
  • Skill build (Paladin)
  • Skill build (Warrior)
  • Skill build (Adventurer)


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max vit max smite max parry max healing max magic missile and use nilgarf armor

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For my Paladin Build:

2 DEX (+8 from upgraded sword for 10)
100 INT
42 STR (+28 from helmet for 70)

Double Slash

6 Quick Slash
5 Combat Roll
10 Ground Slam

10 Prayer of Comfort
1 Rebuke
9 Smite

Vesra’s Eviscerator (upgraded with DEX if possible)
Helm of an Ancient Order
Duneplate Armor
Steel Boots

I’m thinking of possibly swapping to 120 INT/50 STR, but that’s up to you.

At level 10, Prayer of Comfort lasts 300 seconds, grants 12 HP/s regen, and has a 300 second cooldown. You can use it infinitely!

This build focuses on mobility and magic attacks, and less tankiness, which I make up for with the regeneration over time from Prayer of Comfort.

The steel boots give +3 Stamina and you get another +1 from having 10 DEX (as well as +1 Speed and +2 Jump). If you choose to use an Aviator hat, this gives you 9 Stamina total, the maximum possible without temporary effects.

Spamming Smite, although it uses a lot of mana, is a good method of crowd control. You’ll regen mana pretty fast anyways since the 10 INT perk gives tons. Your level 50 point, when that gets added, should go there.


try to get the snel helm helmet by buying it in the market because its an all class helmet that gives int

I’ve thinking about doing a Paladin, I’m definitely giving it a shot now with this guide. Thanks!

Ty Jonno bb I needed this.

Jonno 1# Paladin :flushed:

thank, i’ve been wanting to be a paladin since it was announced

Why Double Slash over Triple Slash?

Double Slash is an Adventurer ability that everyone can unlock from lvl. 1-9, while Triple Slash is a warrior-exclusive ability. He probably didn’t put any points in Triple Slash (or Parry) because they’re relatively bad skills, and even 1 point has more of an impact in the 3 he choose.

Yep, this is exactly the case. I don’t like either Triple Slash nor Parry, while Quick Slash and Ground Slam are good. Max-level Combat Roll is a must for all Warriors.

Hopefully in the upcoming buff/rework/whatever they’re calling it to warriors, they iron out these kind off issues. It’s hard when you’re a new player to know which skills are actually good and which are, frankly, useless.

I maxed out triple slash, and after reading this I think it was a mistake…

Thanks dude. I put 10 in rebuke and smite each. Rebuke is kinda useless now except for throwing off bandit skirmishers.
I also never put a single point in combat roll before lmao.

Time to beg people for their reset tomes

I’m not sure if I should max smite or invest some points into Prayer…?

Personally, I’d max Smite and Prayer and leave Rebuke in the dust. Smite is really good (albeit a mana drain), and Rebuke’s cooldown is just too long for my preference.

It’s better to take the strength helmet instead, because it lets you put extra points into intelligence that normally would’ve went into strength. Since snel helm has a lower stat bonus, it is a worse choice to go for in your build. You’ll lose out on precious stat perks.

question, does paladin basic attack rely on INT or STR?

STR. Also, as an FYI, my guide might be a bit outdated.