Best Hunter Stats?

I’m a level 23 Hunter and I want to know what the best stats are for a maxed Hunter.

Please tell me below! I’d greatly appreciate it :smiley:

depends on your build
for assassin id say 90 STR with a blessed icicle
for ranger go with 90 DEX and a spider bow

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I heard somewhere that for assassin, 2:1 with strength to dex is good?

yea youre probably fine with that though you probably want to go with a spider fang dagger instead of an icicle

How come? I thought Icicle > SFD

i mean you could still use it its just going to be a bit less effective than a 90 str icicle

Okay thanks

Also, can’t you only have 87 stat points after the update? Or am I missing something?

for now it only nerfs <30’s unfortunately
level 30s have 90 stat points while anyone still leveling will only have 87

Bruh cringe

yea honestly i dont know how removing 3 stat points helped the game at all its kind of just an annoyance that (for now) will make anyone leveling have a disadvantage

Hopefully they do something about it :v

Full str and blessed icy

What should I distribute my stats into now that I have only 87 points to work with?

Just remember to orb the icy

im not quite sure
if you have a stat reset i would go with 87 str and a blessed icicle
if not what are your stats rn?

29 str
22 dex
13 vit
8 int

geez im not sure
you might want to just grind for a stat reset atm
they go for like around 100 silver

I have one right now.

oh definitely use it then
put all your points into STR and rock an icicle
even unblessed its pretty decent so just keep using your money to enchant it as you level up