Beserker Build?


After getting pretty bored, I’ve decided to make a berserker slot. I’ve got my stat build set out, (10 dex, the rest str)

Does anyone have a skill build for a berserker? (I also need the warrior skill build.)


I’m not much of a warrior main in general but for warrior skills I would get are max triple slash because triple slash for berserker is E :b:ic, max ground slam and rest of the points in combat roll. I haven’t really played berserker so I don’t know any good skill builds for it.

Edit: accidentally switched combat roll with triple slash

Yea that’s what I had in mind, but then that means:
3/5 triple slash
3/10 quick slash
5/5 combat roll
10/10 ground slam

If you want more mobility, go for max combat roll. If not, triple slash will do you good.

And have for stats 100 strength, 30 dex, and the rest dex.

Um? Care Too Explain

Oof sorry I mean 30 vite and rest dex