Berserker as warrior subclass

Having a berserker style warrior subclass would really be needed for diversety. so far what i have heard is that there won’t be any 2 handed weapons into the game. which is kinda dissapoiting and i hope that rumor is false. But having a berserker based sub class that lets you use a 2 handed heavy weapon would be awsome to use. And basicly its all about building upp that rage meter. Which you can get by the amount of damage you deal and the amount each time you get hit. and once that Rage system is filled you will go “Berserk” and get 2x the attack speed and damage, you’ll also get more damage resistence, This will be active for short amount of time and can be uppgraded depending on how many skill points you put in it. It can also automaticly activate when you’re low on hp.

During the Beserk mode" Your right eye will have this red glowing aura aswell, which i think would be a nice cool looking detail.

The combat system: The berserker class will utiliyze a ton of CC moveset and ton of AoE slashing hits since your carrying a large weapon, You’re attacks will obivoulsy be slower then other classes to, but it will be very hard hiting, depeding on what 2 handed weapon your using 2 handed sword will be the fastest one out of them all while a Warhammer one will be the slowest one.

Here are some cool movset that this class could use aswell:

Slashing in dead: You need to be in mid air to do this basicly makes you spin your weapon overhead and damaging anything that gets in range of it>

Reckless Blow> An charged upp Cleage attack that lets you make one spin charged attack that will hit all of your enemys around you for devestating amount of damage.

Thrust Strike, Thrust your strike foward and will make a strike explotion on impact.

Head chase> Lets you do a quickstep in all 4 directions>

Grave digging: Powerfully strike the ground to damage nearby enemy>

Also it be fun to have a “Spin 2 Win move” basicly a whirlwind move that makes you spin you can hold it as long as you want and i’d cost mana every 2 sec you use it.