Bereza's Idea for Tomes

Ber once stated in one of his streams his idea for tomes/books.

To summarize his rant, he said that if tomes were added they would carry specific perks with them that changed the users attack style. For example, a lightning tome that has a chance to send a lightning bolt chaining through targets on hit. Or a fire tome that can ignite the target on hit.

His goal is for tomes to be selected based on user play style. So a high level could use an early game tome just because of its play style. There is no tome “level”.

TL;DR (for impatient people lol)

If tomes were added, they would give the user a specific perk that changes their attack style (like venom bomb). And all tomes are equal in strength.

What do you guys think of this? Should it be scrapped or added?


id like for this to happen, using a lv25 weapon at lv45 just for the perk makes 0 sense to me.

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This is exactly what I would want Tomes to do.


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I LOVE this idea. I would remove the weapon perks (most are kinda dumb anyways) and add these.


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Here’s an example, A high level gets a tome from Mo Ko Tu Aa, but they would rather use a tome from Chad because it fits their play style more. The “level” of the tome is the players level. So they’re all equal in strength.

I like this, pretty similar to my idea for tomes, where they have perks instead of the weapons. (cough here cough)

tl:dr you’d get tomes as a drop that would have a level, but you would also have perks to go in the tome to do things

Ber’s idea*