Berezaa's Story - Part 1

Well, it’s certainly been an evening. Let’s do some recaps.

First off, some people were teleported by berezaa to the Gauntlet, and apparently died. I wasn’t there for that, so unfortunately no screenshots.

Then, he went to lost corridor as a level 100 cleric, and we finally got some long-awaited lore. Here are some screenshots of basically everything berezaa stated during this time (read left to right, top to bottom):

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And then this happened:

Following this, berezaa then went to the Tree of Life, where we begged/prayed/whatever to this object:

Let’s go over what berezaa said here now:
image image

Following this, nothing much happened except for what was essentially a massive hide and seek game which was impossible to win because berezaa was on top of the Tree of Life.

So let me go over what I think all of this means. First off, new lore is always nice, and it looks like we’re going to get a new major player in the lore, The Oracle.

Next, my prediction is subclass lore related buffs and nerfs based on the time of day. To explain this, you must first read this document created by David (if I’m not mistaken):

So after reading that, you’ll notice that all of the subclasses have specific affiliations with the different gods, Vesra and Terul, or no affiliation with either. My prediction is that during the daytime, Vesra related subclasses will gain a slight buff and Terul related subclasses will have a slight nerf, and during the night, it’s the opposite. Neutral subclasses will not be affected by the day/night cycle.

Sorry for the massive amount of screenshots. Hopefully those who missed this event will be all caught up now, though.


thank you

So much death though… so much exp and money lost unfairly

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can’t hunters get to the top of the tree of life?
or was there like some barrier now
cuz I could probably climb it as a trickster

I would like to see more Lore to this game, it expand my imagination and just think about what happened in the world of Vesteria, similar to Rogue lineage lore


Look at berezaa using codes to kill people, what a non gamer.

ok readable version

…I must confide in you all. I have met with someone, one of the oldest known living mages. Many call her a witch. Deranged. But she has vivid dreams.

Sometimes she remembers and often she forgets, but it is said that her dreams always come true, without fail. When I came from afar to visit her, she confided in me her most recent dream. A great darkness that has always been present within the lands; it is gaining strength.

She dreamed of a dark power so strong that it would completely [transform] all the monsters of the world. Turn[ing] them into horrifying foes with dreadful powers.

She also dreamed of the light, and saw how these impurities caught fire at the rising of the light.

Just as the moon sets at the night, and the sun rises in the morning, their powers are stirring.

…The oracle was enveloped by the darkness.
She heard one word.

Forgive me. I must cleanse this place.
screams of dying vesterians


Ahaha I lived

YES BEREZZA!! Yes! Finally we have some lore!! Thank you so much!

So mad I missed this…

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he cracked

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For those hoping to not miss the next event like this, here are a list of Vesteria’s places to help you figure out which specific area really anyone is in (some publicly inaccessible areas missing).

Mushroom Forest:
Mushroom Grotto:
Testing Realm:
Nilgarf Sewers:
Seaside Path:
Crabby Den:
Scallop Shores:
Shiprock Bottom:
Lost Corridor:
Port Fidelio:
Forsaken Isle:
Whispering Dunes:
Enchanted Forest:
Tree of Life:
Redwood Pass:
Warrior Stronghold:


What’s the gauntlet ?

Map before Whispering Dunes. Functions as a sort of raid type thing that you have to beat to be able to enter Whispering. Only reason I included it was because people have been teleported there by berezaa recently.

Ah I see, thanks for the info!

But you can’t get there without being teleported, right?


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