Berezaa's in production of a new RTS game?

[Nov 4.]

Berezaa tweets saying he wants to make a new RTS game.

If you don’t know what “RTS” is, it is a type of game where you control units/armies of the sort in real-time against other players or bots to win some objective.

Prime examples of this are Berezaa’s previous The Conquerors 2, BrokenBone’s Ths Conquerors 3, and more popular League of Legends.

7 hours ago when this post was created, he posted the first view of this game.

It bears striking resemblance to The Conquerors 3 with the Tank, Infantry, and Plane units (hi @Meta!!!)

Much like previous conqueror games, the map is an open field for players to freely move and units to traverse the landscape. The models here are quite larger than conqueror models and as well use meshes, which may suggest buildings will become larger.

What do we know of their progress so far?

  • Units are capable of attack (small red plane bullet)

  • Units are capable of damage, buildings can be damaged

  • Buildings may be able to damage

  • As evidenced by the blue and red rays converging to a point, units are capable of movement. However the models are extremely basic, as tanks dont even face the right way yet. Movement must be in a preliminary phase.

  • Metapoly was cool enough to get in here.

  • ScottyMcPiper seems to be on the development team.

What do you think of this new possible RTS?

Personally I’ve become a bit bored of Vesteria myself. I would like to explore this new game made by berezaa. I wouldn’t get any assumptions of Vesteria being replaced yet though. There’s still devs and contributors working hard at it. Berezaa seems to be making a new game to allieviate for some of the stress that came with Vesteria’s making and community, which I support.

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Found it:

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Berezaa’s remaster of the Conquerors I believe was far more fun and enjoyable than the actual new conquerors game released by the original owner.

And in regards to replacement? It would be healthy to work on something different for once, and an RTS on roblox is incomparable in terms of difficulty and time to create in comparison to a game like Vesteria, which is a real full-time responsibility.

Vesteria will continue.

Thanks! The game exposes a lot more interesting expansion onto the idea of The Conquerors,

Damage numbers

Units earn money by mining?

there is a vehicle troop titled “Excavator”

Resources can dwindle


Capture points

@Kiritsugu idk if berezaa wants this public so, if you can ask him then post can be taken down if necessary

posts public on twitter “idk if berezaa wants this public”

ok u lemon

the game wasn’t posted publicly tho
by publicly i mean on any media platforms

lol imagine if ber gives ownership of Vesteria to David and moves on to making an RTS game

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I wouldn’t be surprised.


Guess booreza is givin up on vesteria

finna wipe vesteria then quit working on it saying “I didn’t mean for this to happen, but sadly…”

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Imagine Vesteria commits a Miner’s Haven because of this

Miner’s Haven was pretty much only being developed by berezaa though, whereas here there’s a larger team behind Vesteria who could take over if berezaa quits.

Miner’s Haven was revived by OutOfOrderFoxy who worked on the game, so at least there’s quite a huge chance someone who works on Vesteria will be able to revive it just like with MH.

ive always wanted a game like that

I did like the conquerors I think

not sure
still play it tho

yeah uh when I played it

nothing happened
like I could only get money and spawn stuff

from your post it looks fun :D.

Hiss, Doc, you killed all my buildings. :sob:

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There may have been recent additions to this. More coming soon…