Berezaa on subclass balancing

I made a similar post earlier today here: Berezaa on guild halls. Go check it out for leaks on gulid halls.


(berezaa talked to me big flex hehe)



Sadly, berezaa has not mentioned reworking warriors so F I guess? But I do remember him saying that if you invest enough INT, your active warrior skills would scale off INT, just like how bows work.

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Please gives us stat/skill reset though

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No one mentions warriors lmao kinda sad but its one of my favorite memes

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Good, knight don’t need reworking but what they do need is a buff

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Explain how, they dont take dmg and they deal as much as paladin maybe besrk.

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They don’t do as much damage as a berserker but what I’m saying is they are severely under-rated

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heres this

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Thanks, apple man

Does this mean I want to invest in to a bit of int for something other then more mp?

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depends on play style i guess he also said that the “smite” would be significantly bigger if you use a two handed weapon like the cudgel though im unsure if he was talking about smite itself or the basic attack smite

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If your going for paladin, you get some sweet magical attack bonus from all those INT you got and you do some bonus damage from your paladin skills.