Berezaa on guild halls

Last night, berezaa talked on the discord server, talking about how guild halls would work and luckily I was online. Have fun with the leaks.


(Guild halls level 1, 2, and 3, I believe)

(Guild offices)

Guild hall levelling system

Guild hall types

Perks of guild halls

Unsure aspects of the update

And that’s all the leaks I have about guild halls. But berezaa also talked about subclass balancing which I will cover in a post tonight. Meanwhile your here, why not check out Chapter 1 and 2 of my stories which can be found here: The Journey of a Vesterian finding tree. Chapter 3 will be coming out in a few days too!


ty looks really cool

No problem, somebody had to do this.

Very epic

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I know, but that means I have to grind more for the upgrades :sadclown:

Time to get 10000 GOLD

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pretty cool leak right there ngl.

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Since I have school suspended till March because of the virus, I can grind a few hours every day :evilclown:

Imagine poor skeleton having to build 15 guild halls :>

Was in vc and he seems more than happy to build them

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Good, I don’t want any morale drained developers.

B R U H you the G O A T for dropping this!

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none of this is in #sneaky-peaks :moyai:

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tysm fr (yes this is a complete sentence)

Guess you got scammed :moyai:

Will we be able to abandon our guilds if we lead them?

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Don’t we have like 4K stacks of muffins from donations?

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Yeah, Berezaa said he’d make it so you can leave the guild as a leader.
You’d have to pass leadership to another member, or, if you’re the only member left, disband the guild entirely.

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Thanks Jonno, much love

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