Berezaa Lied To Us!?!

Consipracy, Berezaa has a shield right next to his name!?!
He’s actually in charge of the warrior AND mage faction, with means skelet0n is his alt account!
I have figured you out berezaa!

If you’ve ever seen Sk3leton talk, you know that it can’t be Berezaa. Berezaa would never say those things. :sob:

Or maybe berezaa has an alterego, one for warrior and one for mages

That’s the thing, berezaa tries to be not like himself as much as possible to rid of the suspicion!

Moved to off topic :roll_eyes:


That’d be scary… Very scary…

He’s trying to oppress the topic! It’s TRUE

Maybe sk3let0n is just his different personality.

What’s your dog’s name?