Berezaa helping newbies

it was an over all fun time he helped the newbies and threatened to ban all higher levels who kill the mobs he spawned i obeyed like a good boy because why not he gave away a bunch of scrolls and other things

He also stated that the spider queen wont come out for another 2 weeks

hahaha nice one :)))

its not a joke i have a screen shot of him saying it

gib screenshot or i will cri >:((

ok one minute

apparently roblox does int show chat when you screen shot but take my word for it i swear to god he said it will take a 2 weeks or maybe 1 it was a hard maybe

nah jk i actually have proof

o yeah this is at spider lair which was like 1-2hours ago

lol ofc he can spawn it but he said it wont come out for the time period i said

He’s spawning the mob only to test they are creating a whole questline

The Spider queen won’t be implemented as a part of the actual game for a couple more weeks. However, if we have the basics of her AI nailed down I will be able to manually spawn her (including her rewards) tonight.