Berazaa want mods?

So berezaa I love your work and would love to be a mod, but there is one concern…I’m young, as in 11 years old young. If this does not work out then it will be fine, I would just love to be a helper to vesteria!!:grinning::grinning:

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Some dedicated forum mods would be nice, just to keep some order when the devs aren’t around


Exactly we need some more helpers to make things more effective and faster!

Mods moderating the posts could be helpful. Never know what could pop up LOL!

If you haven’t noticed yet, people with the leader badge are considered “moderators” Berezaa has already picked out a few and Idk how many he will want, it probably won’t be that many.

Thanks for the heads up EPIX

You don’t need to be a mod to be a helper of Vesteria, you are already helping by testing the game! So keep on “helping” bereeza as much as you can!


Wise words my dude

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Sorry, I meant mod. XD

you say that as if you have seen that.

guess you could say I have seen some things before.

@Saturnity do your job!!!1!

necro poster