Ber Discord Security Choices Hates Me

I don’t have phone. Therefor no talking. When I can’t talk, I jealously watch other people talk because they have phones. :ok_hand:

I don’t see how ber’s discord hates you.

Sorry, I meant Discord security choices, because I don’t have a phone, and you need a verified phone number.

Yeah, you don’t need a verified phone number. You just need to wait 10 minutes and verify to chat.

Big oof

I was able to reproduce what you had. For me, you had to wait 10 minutes before (I joined ber’s discord in 2016) but, I don’t know why you need to verify phone now, he may have toggled it on accidentally or intentionally.

I don’t think I have my phone connected to discord but I could still join

I joined ber’s discord in a time where you only had to wait 10 minutes also, this is a big oof indeed.

if you guys didn’t know, security features like waiting 10 minutes or verify phone number aren’t applied when you get a role, so if you are already in berezaa’s discord and you have a role, it isn’t required

Well you can’t get a role until you get your verification code… which requires you to talk which you can’t do unless waiting 10 minutes or with a phone

Same, it’s even listed in the rules:

“Rule #9: Be a member for 10 minutes to unlock chatting. This is to protect the server and community from swarms of dragonflies or something”

So, I think he toggled it on accidentally, not intentionally.

DM Carlos with the message !verify