Being able to upgrade Headgear with Armor Scrolls

The title is self-explanatory, I think it would be great to have more defense with the mushroom hat (As two classes don’t have anything else for offer.) because it doesn’t have much defense.

You Can, At The Enchanted Forest There Is A Gnome Who Sells Weapon And Armour Scrolls.

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you can’t upgrade the mushroom hat
check yo facts

I Just Said There Are Armour Scrolls. Not That You Can Upgrade Headgear.

Maybe you could upgrade the leather helmet :thinking:

Good idea, we’ll look into this.


I saw someone wearing a leather helmet in the demo, is it in the paid access version as well or no?

I said I wanted to upgrade headgear, not armor. I already knew you could upgrade armor.

Wait the enchanted forest seller sells armor scrolls? How much are they?

I Can’t Remember.

Helmets may end up using their own type of scroll. Not sure yet