Being Able to Sheath Weapons and Punching

Originally this idea was planned to be purely cosmetic but it has evolved a bit.

So the concept: Being able to put items on your back/sheathing without unequiping said weapons. You can sheath a weapon by pressing a keybind.

For example:


Warriors who use great weapons would put the weapon on their back in a diagonal fashion.

Warriors who use two 1 handed weapons would place the weapons on their back in a x pattern.

Warriors who use a shield and a 1 handed weapon would place the sword diagonally with a shield overtop.

Warriors who use one sword would place the sword at their hip like how when you sheath your dagger as a hunter currently looks.


Mages would place their staff diagonally on their back.


Hunters would place their dagger at their hip like how it is currently and their bow would be slung at their back.

The speed bonus:

When you are not carrying anything in either of your hands you will be granted a 10% speed bonus and the ability to punch. The speed bonus makes sense since its easier to move in my opinion when you are not carry a weapon(s). There will be a one second delay to unsheath your weapons to not make it too easy.


When you are not carrying anything in either of your hands you will be granted the ability to punch.

How it works:

You can punch up to 3 times in quick succession. The damage of each punch is the equivalent of how many STR points you have. If you have 128 STR points you will do 128 Straight damage. This would not be afflicted by a mobs defense points. If you are fighting a level 1 mob you will do the same damage to it as if you are fighting a level 50 boss. There will be a very slight delay after the 3 punches and increasing your Dexterity shortens the delay further.

Will it effect early game too much?

No, even if you put all your points into STR at the start and say you are level 7 you will only do 21 damage. This is meant to be a fun little thing for mid game or just to mess around with.

Thanks for reading let me know if you have any questions. The sheathing of weapons is meant to be a cool little thing. Plus who says that having two Azariah’s edges strapped to your back doesn’t look badass.

Nice concept


Sounds cool, but I think that you should be able to have your weapon in multiple locations.

EX: Being able to use a sword and have it at your hip, kind of like how hunters have it.

I’m not sure if you mentioned this but I also think you shouldn’t be able to unsheath your weapons to replace it with the weapon in your hand. If it were a thing, it would probably have some glitches and bugs that are exploitable for extra damage.

Anyway, cool concept overall

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I like this idea. Portable Water + Aviator’s Cap + Sandskulker Vest + Auktufiti’s Ballista looked EPIC, I’d love to be able to do something similar with dual Edges.


one a weapon is sheathed it is not “unequipped” it still goes in your hand slot and offhand slots and to switch your weapons if would require you to replace the slot with a different weapon from your inventory.


Since this has already been bumped (kinda), I suggest mages not being able to punch but emanate wisps of mana from their hands, dealing damage that scales on INT.

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that would be good that way it would be balanced

Time to get in fist fights with tryhards

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maybe the nilgarf could be a punch only global pvp zone

bad idea though, people would just gang up on low levels

Then low levels learn to stay OUT of the high-level areas and prevent powerful high lvls from getting in (giving so many Gauntlet carries was a BAD idea in hindsight).

He was talking about Nilgarf. Nilgarf is literally the hub of Vesteria, joining all the faction cities and Mushtown. Even the city guard dude only kicks you out if you’re lower than level 8 (correct me if I’m wrong)


FYI its level 7.

Also, if you’re going to the big city, you should be prepared to handle big city problems like muggings and assassinations.

theres actually a secret location called the fight club in nilgarf, its a underground global pvp space which is really small.

Are you serious or are you just joking around?

it’s true, only opens at night.

Yeah, where is the access point? I’ve been trying hard to find it, and no luck.

acsess point is next to the bank hug on the wall on the right side (when facing the bank) and near the pear tree and a picnic table there will be a open door at night time

Wow. That is secret. Is it safe global pvp area?