Being Able to reset save files

I don’t know about the rest of the Vesteria community but one thing I really wish to look forward in possible future updates is an option to delete a save file. I’m sure I’m not alone on this, but there are times you just wish you can reset one of the 4 save files we’ve been given to enjoy the game over again from the start to do things differently or even to just play the game over again.

Feel free to tell me on how others feel or think about the idea of being able to delete a save file.

You can just rebirth saves u the trouble of 10 lvl and u keep items and money

how about quests cause they dont reset

I dont know then but im sure the devs wouldnt like people abusing the dunes quest and such as lvl 1’s

I’ve thought about that a bit after posting it. I do like the rebirth system and I think it gives that sense of freedom to reset to a extent. Though at the same time, I just have that sense of passion to start the game over from scratch with a new save file to see if I can do things differently from level one. Though I can 100% see the issue with the whole silver grinding issue and so on, and I don’t think there would be a way to avoid any form of that if this idea would to come to light.

I think rebirths would just be the best option

Understood, thank you for the time to read and reply to all this! Much appreciated.

Reminder, despite the pfp that is not davidii

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you can wait for the rebirth/sacrifice update to come out and sell the slot you want to throw away

if you completely delete a slot you can theoretically open up special chests infinitely that give you rare things like reset tomes and eythr crystals since the game doesn’t know if that save has opened those chests before