Because warriors won't stand a damn chance against the spider queen

New move: Slash Burst
The one and ONLY long range Paladin only Attack!
For 40 MP, you magically slash the air creating an arrow-shaped burst of energy shot at the target doing decent damage.

This seems iike an interesting ability, but put more description in it!
cya soon, buckeroon!

give warriors magic… Great idea, shat on the mages more…
I surposed this could be a reasonable skill for paladin but if ur using it for warriors… Well warriors are surposed to have no magic soooo.


Did u take this idea from Dungeon Quest?
They have a tank skill of a flurry of slash range attacks…

Berezaa said they gone spank mages into the Broken Realm soon.

Well we could include battle-mages right?

if the skill is made out of energy (cough mana) then wouldn’t it make more sense for it to be a paladin skill?

btw title is misleading, I thought this would be about the warrior skills, not the subclass skills

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(If you get my reference)

I main mage but I understand this is fine.
I personally like this idea.

And besides, berezaa plans on making mages powerful. The Armageddon update will come eventually

Sounds a lot like Vorpal Strike from SAO…

lmao it does

@VideoApollo ya this is just Gale Slice / Arcane Barrage

They’re both cool as heck abilities, but it’d be kind of weird seeing them in Vesteria. Most of the abilities already in game are pretty basic.

Paladin move:
Crashing Cross (Anyone play DFO?)
Description: Sends a cross-shaped energy blast forward. Does minor damage, but if you land it, it’ll create an aura around you that buffs attack by 20% for 20 seconds. 6 second CD, can’t stack.
MP Usage: Handsome

Salvation (Passive):
Description: Killing enemies will create a small circle around the area they died providing a regen buff to those around it.
Mp usage: Praise the lord
Levels (0 to heavenly)

Description: Creates a sun-looking object in the sky, giving buffs to all those in the area. After 10 seconds, the sun cracks and A FREAKING DISCO BALL APPEARS BABY. THEN LASERS SHOOT EVERYWHERE PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW EXPLOSIONS
Mp usage: Godsend
Levels: 1
All of these moves are from DFO, you can look it up. Except for salvation, I thought of that myself kinda

Terrible idea. Magic on warriors? Terrible. Mages are suppose to do all the magikkk

battle mages.

That was kinda rude.

Warriors are melee for a reason, so the idea to give the close up attacker range goes against all he ideals of the class tbh. If you are a glass cannon warrior expect to get one shot like every other glass cannon, it’s that simple.

Tldr People seem against this because warrior /= range

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That’s what makes almost IMPOSSIBLE to get drops from ms spider over there

I dont think it should be arrow-shaped…
Its like stealing the effects put on hunter’s barrage skill

How about they just get a tank skill? If the point if giving warriors a ranged move is to avoid being hit while dealing damage, why not just give them the ability to tank the hit instead? Heck they could just buff the Parry ability so that they take reduced damage while using it or something, they wouldn’t even need to make a new skill.