Because of Delay, One More Playtest before APA?

Is there gonna be one more playtest so that free players can have one last look before paid access comes? And to make sure that PA release isn’t going to be broken?

good ideA.

No Clue At All…

It’d be reasonable to do so, the devs and the players are expecting a smooth release; a broken PA release would be super inconvenient, so why not have a final playtest to see how things work out? When new features are added and bugs are fixed, new bugs almost always pop up.

yes @Meta from what it looks like the paid-alpha got pushed back for reasons so players with no Robux do get another chance to play the game

Also To Hopefully Test The Bug Fixes.

Actually, there are reasons it was pushed back besides that, such as the hitbox bug needing to be fixed, and that taking up the devs time away from adding new features, like rebalancing the factions to ensure a smoother paid access launch, so that’s the biggest reason why is was delayed.

They already fixed the enemys being able to snipe you from a distance, i’m sure that we are going to get a game test.

I meant to say that because it was being fixed, it took the devs time, sorry if it was unclear, I knew it was fixed.