Battle Healer Ideas

This is an idea for a healer that is good in battle, (not better than any battle focused classes) with a side of healing and small buffs like health regen and damage to your team. This could be featuring these moves I have just thought up.

  • (Basic Attack) | The player would cast a bolt out of their wand, doing x amount of damage
  • (Special Attack) | The player charges up a bolt for 2 seconds, dealing 4x the damage of the Basic Attack.
  • (Special Attack2) | Charges a bolt for 1 second, dealing x damage to any enemy’s near you.
  • (Holy Air) | Casts a circle around you, healing all except you in the area of it for 15 health a second.
  • (Flying Fury) | Speeds up you and all players in your party to 1.15x their base speed.
  • (Escape) | Heals you for 5 health a second, removing all debuffs from you and boosts your speed to 1.2x
    your base speed, gives 2x stamina regen.
  • (Distraction) | Removes all focus on you from mobs for 3 seconds, allowing a tank or damage class to gain focus of the mob. (Can help for a stronger raid format)

The Escape is an optional addition

sub-classes are coming in the far future but not now
that involves healers

So You Know This Would Most Likely Go In The ‘Gameplay Improvement’ Category.

Second time i’ve said this, post your ideas in my topic about Skill Ideas For All Classes