Basic Heal Spell For Mage and its Sub-classes

I was thinking that the devs could add a basic heal spell for the mage and its sub-classes, But for the healer sub-class it is stronger. The heal spell could maybe heal 5% - 15% of your health and has a cooldown of 10 - 20 seconds (as too not be too overpowered) and can maybe heal allies as well (?), while for the healer sub-class maybe a buffed version of it with a bit of a higher cool down (30 seconds?) while also healing allies.

tl;dr, add a heal spell for mage and its sub-classes while for the healer sub-class is a stronger version.

What do you guys think? Is it too overpowered or could be reasonable?

(this my first suggestion btw :D)

sub-classes will be a thing in the future

They Said Add Some Spells For The Mage Sub-Classes Not Add The Sub-Classes Specifically.

What I mean is that the mage could have some sort of a healing spell, so that you can at least lessen the use of potions. Some mmorpgs like Wynncraft has this.

And if sub-classes ever become a thing, well, the thought is there.

They’ve Pretty Much Confirmed That There Will Be Sub-Classes, So Don’t Go On About If Sub-Classes Will Ever Be A Thing.

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