Basic Combos: How to make clicking more engaging

The Problem

Clicking for DPS is fundamentally macroable.

The Solution

TL;DR: Making consecutive attacks more damaging, while making single attacks safer.

Double and Triple Slash

Double and Triple slash should act as small multipliers to damage, at the cost of attack speed. For example, if a first swing of a basic attack factors in 90 Power and +1 AGL and it hits, the second should be treated as if the player had 100 Power with -1 AGL, and the third slash 130 Power with -3 AGL. The numbers are adjustable.


Basic attacks can be interrupted(read: replaced) with abilities or sprinting instead of attacking. Under this system, the same attack bonuses and agility penalties will factor in these interruptions.


I do a double slash as a Warrior. On the third slash, I interrupt it with a Parry.

  • If I get hit while parry is active, I get bonus damage.

  • If I get hit while parry is still starting up or after it ends, I eat the full damage and don’t actually get the parry.

Required adjustments and potential

  • This will only work if AGL factors into abilities in any form, whether it would be startup, endlag, or cooldown. Right now… it doesn’t.

  • Every ability will have to use Power as a scale, even movement abilities.

  • Mage might have to get it’s ranged basic attack back.

  • More defensive abilities to reward timing - currently, parry is still DPS focused, and only players can really wait it out. In addition, it’s pretty hard to actually evade an attack rather than facetanking it and nuking the mob, or just nuking it.

why would u waste the triple slash, u should use the third slash then parry… ur wasting 175% damage