Barber Streisand scam

So I just switch to my ranger save and want to change my look
after wasting 50S to change my look I go sewer for harvesting chest and I realize that my character becomes a brown shirt and brown hair and not red shirt with black hair
I’ve been doing this 2 times and got scammed 100S

pls fix Streisand I know he’s not an NPC who scam but it just annoys me a lot

I see the same post from early 2019 and it not been fixed for almost 7 months and I’m tired of farming just to customize my look and then it resets and didn’t get any refund

pls dev hear me
I’m tired of this

edit: changed to bug report because I forgot to put it on bug report

Known bug, although its weird that it hasn’t been fixed for so long

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Known-bug. In the future please use the search-engine to determine whether or not a glitch or bug has already been reported before.