Ballista drop falling through the ground, becoming unobtainable

Please prevent the Ballista to fall from the watchers tower, I’ve gotten 20 drops, 7 of which have fallen through the ground below the watchers tower. This has become a very annoying bug and I and many other hunters, I’m sure would love to see this fixed! If I get the chance to, I will reply to this with a video on the bug!
In my opinion on observing this glitch I think it has to do with the velocity its fallen, just what I’d think is responsible.

Bug Proof

Yes please fix this, this bug made me lose 3 Ballistas within the timespan of an hour, and I know a dude that lost a legendary Ballista due to this glitch

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Maybe make the radius of the tower larger but have Auk unable to access the enlarged area so the drops don’t fall down.

I was thinking either make an invisible wall that only collides with item drops or when the sniper takes damage have him walk back to the center of the platform

Just lost a pristine one…

I lost either a fierce or legendary ballista