[Balance]Late Beta be feeling like Late Alpha

Late Beta in a nutshell:
Berserker - He be helicoptering on your grave (Bladespin duration is too long for the amount of damage it does)
Paladin - Cleric’s brother (Pretty balanced)
Knight - Deserves some credit for tanking everything (Needs a small buff)

Ranger - More god than Mo Ko Tu Aa (Arrow storm is too op, it removes ranger’s only weakness, their lack of AOE damage. Arrow storm instantly fixed that. Ranger stance also is pretty op.)
Assassin - Trash (Shadow Flurry is too slow in general, doesn’t deal enough damage and in terms of PvP, is easily dodgeable)
Trickster - Quit your job as an adventurer and just be a clown (Practically useless, buff)

Warlock - Actually never seen one (Can’t comment)
Sorcerer - Metal Cannon (Expected a glass cannon. Not saying hp should be nerfed cuz that would be wack but it feels like mage armour needs to lose defence for mana.)
Cleric - Where are they when I need one? (Balanced but unpopular)

Late Alpha:
Warrior - Chad but human
MHunter - Dagger throw
RHunter - Nicknamed Minigun for a reason
Mage - M107 Semi automatic anti material and personnel rifle Codename: “Zap”

Cleric is pretty popular but berserker and ranger overrun mage population

yeah that makes sense, im pretty sure there are more sorcerers than cleric thou.

nah whenever i meet a mage its almost always a cleric, but sorcerer is pretty common

lets just say 50 50

but whats warlock?

idk, ever seen one?

Warlock is kinda tank, kinda dps. Bad at both.

im kinda curious if the devs will read this


The devs read everything o_o


I wish Zap would come back in some form for one of the Mage subclasses. As is, it would probably fit Sorcerer best (although Sorcerer really doesn’t need any more attack abilities) so maybe re-name and re-work it slightly and give it to Cleric or Warlock (I’ve heard Warlock is pretty underpowered right now compared to the other Mage subclasses, so maybe give it to Warlock, although that would give him 5 skills so you’d probably need to replace one).

I lied

Warrior - Chad but human

i remember people asking for the combat roll glitch to not get patched because apparently a bunch of warriors acquiring hyperspeed while attempting to hit a ground pound on each other was “skillful pvp”

EVERYTHING!!! thx for yall efforts :slight_smile:

nice christmas hat

we knew this
we went clown- I mean trickster anyways >:3

LOLOl bruh that’s literally the exact feeling

also dagger throw?
I always thought that people didn’t like it

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yeah people didn’t. Melee hunters where trash in alpha.

Basically still are…

yeah, I’ve been asking for buff ever since alpha.

it was more
it’s worse than everything else