Backtracking. I never thought to see it here... .-

When you realize the chest on the tower in Mushtown needs the mushroom hat, or the Hunters double jump. Yeah, no, I don’t like backtracking. Please help me with this. .-.

can you please do me a favour and stop making posts.

or at least think them through a bit more since my brains are starting to hurt and I kinda need them

Dude. I am simply posting what is in my mind. I have this much to say due to literally not being able to do Jack Squat for years. Not kidding. Sorry if this is just barraging your head with info, but you can simply not read it. The title says it all. XD


I mean: I can’t say any of this anywhere else. This is the only area I can actually brainstorm for a game.

I’m not saying you can’t brainstorm and creat ideas for the game, I’m saying that you should… you know… think before posting?

I did. And I thought this would be good. At least let me try some stuff out before saying stuff like that. Jeez…

think harder

what? no. I simply want to tell you that what you say has potential to be good but they aren’t fully thought out. might not sound like it because of reasons.

Well… I get what you’re saying, and I know what I am typing is kind of just… Out there. As if I didn’t think at all… But well, I thought these, just as they are, would be good. Then we can add more to it.

well then… uhhh… good luck?

Might I add, we’re talking about this on backtracking? XD

Gonna try posting one more. Hopefully it isn’t total trash. XD

It really do be like that sometimes.

Alright, it’s out. Mind telling me how it went?

Also, sorry for breaking earlier. Yeah, I’ll try deleting that offensive post. Thanks for this, Phoenix. :smiley:

Done. XD

wHy tHiS pOsT

you could get the mushroom hat at level 1, you don’t need anything special to get it. If you didn’t know, you have to bounce on TWO mushrooms, and sprint mid air. mistakes I could see you doing are not sprinting and using the third giant mushroom, or just being bad at parkour

uh you can just walk up to it lol. here: [Patch 1.1 Update In Progress!] Ooooo Shinyyy! (Guide to Chests)