Baby shroomie friendly fire bug: Mushroom Apoc

Using abbilites like Metriod strike or any other damage over time abbility will cause friendly fire on baby mushroom during muhsroom apoc, this needs a fix, i littearly lost the game beacuse i somehow accidently killed the target we where suppose to defend with friendly fire.

YEAH ME TOO! Just when I thought it would be easy now that i have meteor strike…
I know this is an older post, but I was gonna post one myself when I saw this, and I was pretty trigged with what happened with my spells

I’ve brought this up in Tester chat myself but I believe it could be intention. If you’re able to perform meteor strike in Mushroom Apocalypse without concern then there’s no longer a need for a party and people would abuse it and solo farm without consequence.

Meteor is still viable if you cover one of the gates with a party. Again though, unaware if the Meteor hitting the Cage and causing damage is unintentional or on purpose.

Not entirely sure if berezaa was responding to me or to typical here, but if he was responding to me then no, fire damage is not intentional.