Azariah has like millions of hp, not even 4 arrow minigun dents him (some sort of glitch)

note it brings the bar down a tiny bit

not even savage shank can 1 shot him

He went full blood crazed

The shank isn’t supposed to work on bosses.

Shank works on the minibosses in Whispering, those being Auktufiti and Azariah, as well as the Scarab and Saraskis.

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Ah. Isn’t that a little OP?

Yeah, that’s why a good number of people have been calling for a nerf to the perk or a complete re-work/replacement of it.

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that is either a giant or super giant azariah, it just doesn’t say so. I’ve experienced the same thing with Auktufiti

Imagine it just drops money

Azariah only drops money and his sword