Avengers of Vesteria are recruiting!

Avengers of Vesteria

About Avengers of Vesteria

A lot of Vesteria players may be looking for a relatively chill, non-competitive guild. We are not well known, which we are aware of, and have a T2 guild hall with 27 gold. Although we are a ‘chill guild’, we do need you to be active at least once a week, must have discord and have at least one level 30+ slot in Vesteria.

We do not have complicated, vanity ranking systems but do have multiple bots, including Reaction Roles, Dank Memer, Server Stats and Groovy.

We hold gamenights, raids, pvp training and such every few days, which we believe are important to the guild’s bonding.

Invite Link: https://discord.gg/ZRGXyB

For more questions, feel me to dm me and @Janethera on the forums, or discord. Our respective discord tags are marquinox#6394 and Janethera#3086 .