Autodespawn of Items on ground

I would appreciate it if there was a timer that automatically despawns loot/items that are left on the ground after a certain amount of time has passed. Every location that has mobs has this problem where there are items just laying on the ground everywhere that no one has bothered to collect. I’m taking a wild guess that this may lead to more lag for some players. It also ruins my immersion of the game a little. If this has already been implemented in some type of way, I surely have not noticed it. An example of this would be, once an item has been on the ground for 3 mins or more, it automatically despawns.

So items do despawn after 10 minutes. I’ll look at making it so you can’t see the half-transparent items or something


If You Really Think About It The Dropped Items Are Like Corpses, So Them Despawning In Like Minutes Would Be Unrealistic. Though The Argument About The Lag Is Valid.

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I would like that instead of the items simply despawning after some time anybody could pick up the items
like after 3 mins you can pick up anything people didn’t mind picking up themselfes

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since the last playtest just showed what a mess it could be
there were literally hundreds of items on the grounds that nobody was picking up, it was bad

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After 5 minutes, loot should become public. Then,after 10 minutes, it despawns.

Make items open to all player after 2-5 minutes, i would rather 2 as it seems like the person should pick up the loot immediately after it drops or at least soon after. And if a player drops a item then the player should be able to choose who can pick it up, like every one, or a specific player; the reason for this being, some times i want to take a screen shot of all my loot on the ground.

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Reasonable request, we can look into making items go public after a certain amount of time.

thank you for listening! this should also reduce the amount of trash on the ground