Auto clicker, please ban this none sense

This is a video with proof, he has auto clickin’ the chat discussion also assumes he is auto clicking.
His username is chiefchurch911

the video you have provided does not actually show proof of auto clicking.

he only clicks once so often

Not actually, I was in the same server as him. Dude was standing still in the same spot stabbing the air for over 7 hours. I have a video aswell if more proof is necessary.

the person in the video that the topic creator posted shows the guy just standing still and clicking only so often. I was just pointing that out.

Im not a developer don’t show me the proof

Yeah, I have a video of him standing still, clicking nonstop and autofacing crabbys.
Quick question: where should I report these kinds of things?

You autoface crabbys anyways, and the glory of a bugged mouse is that clicks don’t come when I want them to.
EDIT: Proof that autofacing is a game mechanic
EDIT 2: As well as no autoclicker gives out random spurts of clicks, they are set at intervals, never 5 clicks, pause, then 3 clicks, pause, then 6 clicks, pause, etc

Are you replying to me?

yesss (5 characters)

I know that autofacing is a mechanic. I said it because I was describing what he was doing. Also, you can set a delay in a macro or apply some lag to prevent input patterns. You can see he also only attacks when there’s a crabby near him, maybe a RGB detector for the colors of a crabby? Cause one thing I know for sure is that he was autoclicking.

well couldn’t you just simply detect your health going down? Theres a bar with color showing your health. That would be the way I’d do it.

Oh and I THINK this kind of stuff can be reported to berezaa since he does not have any in game admins

Wait we cant use auto clickers now?

Autoclickers were always bannable, I believe.

I definitely havent used one before haha

Whenever a dev sees someone afk autoclicking in game its instant ban

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Do devs look for post like this or no? I’m surprised they don’t have a report cheaters option for discussion. :confused:

Ayo, I know you from DigDug’s discord/from Blockman135.

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“None sense”