Attention Users, Malcheonne/NathanSmith01 is requesting your help

So, my friend Malcheonne/NathanSmith01 over here has an idea that needs a lot of people. we plan on making a Vesteria Roleplay story, but its really hard without a lot of people… Can you guys lend us a hand? We need at least 5 people not including Nathan and I to help us. What will we be doing you say?

We will be:

  • Dressing up like characters such as guards
  • Standing in Epic poses for the camera
  • You get to help decide what happens in the story
  • And some other stuff I’m too lazy to list along with having fun

If you enjoy taking amazing pictures (I’m looking at you @TheOfficialSin :wink:), story writing, or just looking really awesome in said amazing pictures, this will be quite fun. (I’ve also heard there might be some chairs involved…)

P.S. Nathan lives in the Philippines so might be some interesting timing going on here lol.
My Disc: Bean#9063
Nathan’s Disc: Malcheonne#5415
Msg us if you need something.

Count me in

Did someone mention pictures!? :open_mouth:

Seems like a good idea!

did someone mention… things about a thing that i should do?

count me in!! :smile:

sure man im down lets do this!


im in, just hmu whenever.

This sounds like fun. I’m not on the forums too often so just message me ahead of time.

Currently waiting on Nathan to finish writing the story guide thingie… boi hurry up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: